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A bridge loan has various meanings. Hard Money and Intermediate Term Loan are two. These wide-range meanings of a bridge loan is in most respects related to the funding of hard cash. A Bridge loan is used for short durations, until a permanent method of financing is secured. Bridge loans are a good solution to a timely acquisition or business opportunity, because they allow a purchaser or investor to act quickly. These loans can be used for acquisition, cash out, buy-outs, foreclosures and construction purposes.

Institutional lending commitments are primarily based on the "as is" real estate equity involved in the project. This is solely based on their own appraisal of the property. The appraisal may or may not be correct and probably doesn't consider the value of the project in its entirety. A bridge loan by a private lender may do away with much of the time consuming verification that a bank may require to lend on the very same project.
Property Types: income producing property, commercial, apartments, hotel/motel, office buildings, office complexes, golf courses, and almost all commercial businesses. Start Quotes