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Construction Loans
Construction loans are used to construct a building or for improvements of real property, and the land and improvements stand as collateral for the loan.

Construction Loans are used for:
  • Strip or Free-standing Retail
  • Apartments & Multi Family
  • Offices & Light Industrial
  • Motels & Restaurant Sites
  • Churches & Temples
  • Mixed Use & Non Conforming
Construction reserve accounts are used to maintain the money disbursements through the construction process. 100% construction cost available depending on the improvement value. Whether you are building a completely custom home or purchasing in a new subdivision or development, a construction loan is often necessary because of the extended time frame and special needs of the building process. We offer a wide range of loan programs to finance your building or remodeling projects.

  • Construction-to-Permanent loan program
  • 100% construction financing
  • One closing - one set of fees
  • Zero point loans
  • Rate Protection
  • Quick loan approval
  • No payments during construction